Pavel Charousek is an award-winning sculptor of international repute who
    trained    as a sculptor of stone in a school with a 130-year-old tradition in
    Horice, Czech Republic. He continued his artistic education at the Academy
    of Fine and Applied Arts in Prague, where he received his Masters in Fine
    Arts, majoring in sculpture.

    A sculptor whose work epitomizes beauty and dignity, Mr. Charousek has
    created enduring monuments for well known personalities, carved alters for
    churches, designed and realized heraldic symbols for towns, created plaques
    for institutions, libraries and universities, as well as restored sculptures from
    the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

    The scale of his artistic output is impressive - everything from modest
    vignettes to full scale, free standing sculptures and deeply expressive true-to-
    life portraits. He works comfortably in a range of materials, including marble,
    bronze and granite.

    Nobility and sensitivity are the hallmarks of Pavel Charousek's style. But
    "Charo", as he is known, is also a highly flexible artist who can adapt his
    talents to virtually any artistic challenge, large or small. Even complete
    architectural concepts are easily within his artistic range.

    Following a successful career in Europe, Mr. Charousek is now bringing his
    formidable talents to Canada, where in concert with other gifted sculptors, he
    will continue to be recognized as one of the elite practitioners of his ancient


    Pavel Charousek was born in the Czech Republic. He studied stone sculpture in
    Horice and graduated from the Academy of Fine and Applied Arts in Prague,
    majoring in sculpture. His work, while mainly in sculpture, also extends to painting,
    graphics, ceramics, restoration and architectural realizations.

    This versatile artist has participated in many group and solo exhibitions in the
    Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Canada.
    Pavel Charousek is presently living and working between Canada and


    1968 - 1st prize, Scooter competition, Rychnov, CZ.
    1977 - 2nd prize, National Competition, Sculpture, Brno, CZ.
    1982 - 1st prize, "Generation 82", National Competition, Sculpture, Prague,
    1986 - 2nd prize, National Competition, Painting, Prague, CZ.
    1989 - Excellence Awared for Exceptional Diploma Work at Academy of
               and Applied Arts, Prague, CZ.
    1993 - 2nd prize, International Exhibition of Dynamic Composition, Sculpture,
                Budapest, Hungary.
    1997 - 3rd prize, International Competition "EX LIBRIS", Graphics, Prague, CZ
    2004 - Honorary Recognition, Intercontakt Grafik, Prague, CZ.
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